108 Lessons for Shot & Discus - Mar.-May 2013



Willy Irwin Video

20.42m foul NAIA Nationals, May 2013




Print these Photos and take them to training!

Tape them on the mirrors in the weight room.

Put them in plastic sleeves and put them in a notebook to take to the circle.

Balance, Orbit High Point, Wide Right Leg, Left Arm Control

& more


Find these Positions and move into them and out of them correctly!

Nine Photos with Key Positions to Imitate




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The Focal Point

I hear some "very interesting ideas" about the Focal Point.  The only purpose is to slow the upper body to get the lower body ahead into the throw.  A basic biomechanical "Must Do" for throwing or hitting a baseball or golf ball far.

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Master & Student

The Bottom Line...

The Power Position & Delivery

Discus up to head height with arm in the throw direction and

a non stop right Foot and Knee turniong the hip into the block.

Note that non of these throwers let the upper body go first and drag the right foot forward