6 Weeks, 8 Questions & 3 Things I Know



Can you say "k'Newt'  heYellt' ness"?

Can you get complete rotation into the block by using your right leg?


The Next Six Weeks

is when you want to plant the seeds for next year's growth.


My Eight Questions for You...

Just think about these concepts for now, training starts in a few weeks.

1. Are you paying attention to the boring details that put you in the right positions every throw?
2. Are you really on balance every throw?
3. Are you getting into a great Power Position?    that lets you:
4. Get the right hip into the throw completely and on time?
5. Have a block that lets you chase the throw and not foul?
6. Are you training to throw effortlessly and far by slinging the shot or discus?
7. Or are you crushing it with your arm and shoulder because it feels good & its going pretty far?
8. Are you doing what is easy and what you know or are you trying to do whats different, difficult and correct?



Three Things I Know

High Level, End Result Concepts.  Forget the details just get the end result.  Looking for the basics?

Beginners, Intermediates or Advanced, go to The Foundation, General, then "Three Things I Know".

If your best competitive throw is over 68m then watch this just once. Wink


1. See the Horizon as the Left Side leads to the Target.
2. Use a long Wide Right Leg out the back of the circle to create power.
3. Keep the Right Leg Rotational Continuity in the middle into the Block.